from Stars on Fire:

I was happily married until the doctor gave me terrible news. My husband must have never really loved me, because he left me shortly afterward. It’s been six months and I’m in a better place…but do you ever truly get over something like that?

Then I meet Neil Crimson.

The guy isn’t just handsome, smart, and charming. There’s something special about him.

He’s an astronaut.

He just returned from a three-month voyage at the moon and now he’s working at the NASA Space Center in Houston. He’s my best friend’s brother-in-law so I see him all the time. Every time we bump into each other, I like him a little more.

After my divorce I’m looking for something easy, something fun.

Neil Crimson seems easy and fun.

I’m about to have a fling with an astronaut. How many people can say that?


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