from The Main I Thought I Knew:

A real man.


Chiseled eight pack? Yep, he’s got it.
That shadow on a sharp jawline? Yep, two for two.
So charming you want to scream? Definitely.
Not all intimidated by my success? Check.
Pretty much perfect? Ooooh yeaaahhh.

All that man…just for me.

But I’m an investigative reporter for the biggest newspaper in the country, so it’s my job to pick up on details, to see the signs that other people miss. I’m not afraid of danger. Not even afraid of dying.

And there’s definitely something about this man that I’m missing…

I’ve got a caboose that doesn’t quit, so I will get to the bottom of this.

Every man has two faces. I’ve seen one side…but what about the other?


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